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The Federation Council drew attention to the lack of qualified housing and communal services workers

The Russian authorities missed the number of qualified workers in the housing and communal services sector. The shortage of public utilities with specialized education was noted at a meeting of the Council for Housing Construction and Assistance to the Development of the Housing and Communal Complex under Federation Council (SF), writes “Russian newspaper”.

According to the Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Galina Karelova, housing and communal services employ about three million people – no more than a third of them have specialized education. “There are no effective tools for predicting staffing needs, which makes it difficult to determine priority areas for the preparation and updating of professional and educational standards,” the senator said.

The reason for the insufficient training of personnel in the Federation Council is seen in the weak connection between specialized educational organizations and employers. In this regard, Karelova proposed to oblige students of specialized organizations to undergo internships in a management company. According to the senator, it is also worth paying attention to educational programs – the vice speaker suggested developing additional professional education and retraining courses for housing and communal services, including accelerated ones.

In addition, the Federation Council considers it important to check the qualifications of managers and employees of management companies. “Many regions note that citizens who apply for licenses not only do not have sufficient experience in this area, but also do not have secondary or higher professional education,” Karelova noted and added that with the help of computer tests, a small amount of theoretical knowledge can be assessed. “It is advisable to consider the issue of transferring the authority to conduct a qualification exam from regional licensing commissions to centers for independent assessment of qualifications,” the senator concluded.

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