Elon Musk’s son is officially a woman

Elon Musk

American entrepreneur Elon Musk

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The Los Angeles County Supreme Court granted the request of the 18-year-old son of American businessman Elon Musk to change his name and gender. This follows from court documents released on Thursday, June 23.

The judge found no reason to dismiss Xavier Mask’s claim for a change of name, surname and gender, as well as for the issuance of documents with new data, reports NBC News.

From now on, the child of Elon Musk, who after the birth received the name Xavier Alexander Musk, is officially called Vivian Jenna Wilson (Vivian Jenna Wilson), the new documents will indicate the female gender in accordance with the gender self-identification of the applicant.

Wilson has yet to comment on his appeal to the court and the judge’s decision. However, Xavier Musk has previously stated that he does not want to be associated with his biological father “in any form, form or format.”

Xavier Musk is one of two twins born in Elon Musk’s first marriage to Justine Wilson. The couple divorced in 2008. Very little was known about the relationship between father and son. It was only recently that Xavier Musk got into the public field when it became known that he had filed an application to change his name and gender.

At the same time, it is well known about the difficulties with the name of another child, Elon Musk, the sixth son of an entrepreneur who was born by singer Grimes. After birth the boy was named X Æ A-12, where A stands for Archangel, X is an unknown variable, Æ is the Elvish spelling of the abbreviation AI (“artificial intelligence or love”), and A-12 is an American reconnaissance aircraft. However, California law does not allow children to be given names containing characters other than the 26 letters of the English alphabet. Therefore, the number 12 in the name was replaced by the Roman XII.

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