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Doctor Tikhonova: in the home pool, children can become infected with conjunctivitis and giardiasis

Daria Tikhonova, an epidemiologist at Invitro, warned of the dangers of home pools that Russians put in garden plots with the onset of heat. She shared her recommendations with

According to her, the list of infectious diseases that can be contracted through the water of domestic swimming pools is quite extensive. Among them, she listed adenovirus pharyngoconjunctival fever, conjunctivitis, viral hepatitis A, dysentery, giardiasis, rotavirus infection and other acute intestinal infections.

“Children love to dive, including with their eyes open, and sometimes take water in their mouths and accidentally swallow it, and this is associated with a small risk of acute intestinal infection or conjunctivitis,” Tikhonova warns.

After swimming in the home pool, it is necessary to take a hygienic shower, and also do not forget to wash bathing accessories every time, the doctor reminded.

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It is not difficult to independently check the water for quality so as not to get infected, the doctor says. “It is enough to independently evaluate the organoleptic indicators: turbidity, color, smell. The water must be clean, clear and free from foreign odors. In hot summer weather, it is recommended to change the water in inflatable swimming pools daily,” she recommends. With daily use of the pool, she clarified, you need to clean the walls and bottom with sponges or special brushes, and then wash the pool with detergent and rinse with hot or warm water from a hose.

After rinsing, Tikhonova continued, it is necessary to treat the internal surfaces and sides of the pool with a chlorine-containing disinfectant approved for use for this purpose, and rinse the bowl again with hot or warm water from a hose.

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