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NeedToKnow: Frugal housewife suggested taking kids to a pet store like a museum

Thrifty mother of two children Emma Stretton told how she manages to save money. A 37-year-old housewife from Manchester talking to listed free ways to entertain a child.

According to Stretton, she likes to spend money on meaningful things. “I want to teach kids that having fun doesn’t necessarily require money, it’s more important to spend time together,” the woman says. So, she takes the kids to the pet store as a museum to see guinea pigs, rabbits and fish. Also the family likes to stop by and look at things in IKEAand once Emma took the children to the Tesla salon – they sat in the car with pleasure.

Also, in order to save money, the woman encourages the exchange of toys with friends, because, according to her observations, children often get tired of their toys.

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Emma also reminds other parents that children can go to any outdoor park in the area for free: have a picnic, find out what plants can be found on the territory, play football. “Another forgotten gem is the library. When the boys were little, once a week we went to the reading room to read poetry aloud,” she recalls.

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