Erdogan’s statement on the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO surprised the West

It is noted that the leaders of the organization are not sure that Ankara really plans to veto the expansion of the alliance. In addition, they are interested in what demands the president of the country is going to put forward in exchange for ratification.

Erdogan substantiated his opinion on the issue of Finland and Sweden joining NATO by the fact that “the Scandinavian countries [якобы] are a guest house for terrorist organizations”, in particular, for the banned in Turkey .

In addition, the Turkish politician emphasized, “earlier previous administrations made a mistake regarding Greece, and [негативное] Greece’s attitude towards Turkey is known [всем]”. Erdogan noted that his country has no right to make a “second mistake in this matter.”

In early May, Croatian President Zoran Milanovic expressed his negative attitude towards the expansion of the alliance. He declaredwhich will veto the accession of Finland and Sweden to the organization.

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