Evaluna does wear “expensive clothes”, she was caught wearing an exclusive ugly shoes design

Camilo and Evaluna They became one of the most beloved couples in entertainment due to the great union and chemistry they have both on stage and in their already famous TikTok dances.

They currently traveled to Spain on the occasion of the tour From the inside to the outside of the interpreter of hit, where Ricardo Montaner’s daughter has been one of the guests of honor to accompany the singer in the show that took place over the weekend at the WiZink Center of Madrid.

There she surprised and showed that music runs through her veins, but what stole the attention of her followers was her look, because Indigo’s now mother He wore a pair of the much-criticized Crocs sneakers, a special collaboration from designer Balenciaga.

Its about madam modelwhich belongs to the spring 2022 collection Balenciaga Crocs 2.0, in green color.

The creative idea is transform the traditional Swedish sandal into a more casual shoe and “elegant” by adding a stiletto heel, a subject that has not been well accepted among fashion lovers, who since the moment of its launch have harshly criticized the design that reaches more than 14 thousand Mexican pesos.

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Although for many people these sandals are not the ideal shoe, with the arrival of social confinement they became the favorites to wear. home office thanks to its comfort

They were originally created as a sandal for swimming pools or the beach, but the designer Demna Gvasalia creative director of the haute couture firm, wanted to break the myth and turn them into high heel shoe

According to the product description this 80mm is rubber, it has the logo of the Spanish maison embossed on the strap. They are available in four different colors: black, green, white and Mexican pink.

“This is bad, very bad”, “let’s find out how messed up the world is”, “what?,” My God, what a disaster, aren’t you ashamed?, “Waiting for the gentleman’s version”, were some of the comments of the followers of the firm in the launch photos disclosed in the official account of the sandals firm.

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