Every fourth fraud in SKO is a call from the bank

PETROPAVLOVSK. KAZINFORM – Since the beginning of the year, 464 facts of Internet fraud have been registered in the North Kazakhstan region. Of these, 129 belong to the category “call from the bank,” Kazinform correspondent reports.

According to the press service of the police department, the growth of such crimes is largely possible due to the gullibility of people. At least twice a week, law enforcement officers meet with labor collectives and explain how to protect themselves from online swindlers.

“The most dangerous are “calls from the bank”. This scenario brings millions of damages to the victims. Police officers talk about the methods of psychological pressure that criminals use: to intimidate them with the threat of losing money, to limit the time for making a decision. At the same time, they try to use a business style of speech. Recently, they often began to introduce themselves as police officers or prosecutors, allegedly investigating the abuses of bank managers,” the press service informed.

The main recommendation of the police is to interrupt the suspicious conversation, call the official numbers of the organization whose employees the criminals called themselves.

Preventive videos are broadcast on social networks, including TikTok, in cinemas in Petropavlovsk before screenings. They plan to place it on screens in healthcare and education institutions, the Palace of Schoolchildren, the waiting room of the bus station.

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