Evolution weeds out the weak: why sooner or later only women will remain on Earth

Why is the Y chromosome so vulnerable?

This question has a simple and logical answer – evolution weeds out the weak and unreliable. The Y chromosome does not have a pair, so there is nothing to replace the broken sections. Nature regards such a fact as imperfection, so genes are lost, mutations are fixed in all new generations of men, being passed from fathers to sons. You can’t take a copy of the information from the X chromosome, which is in a pair – there the data is completely different.

Therefore, no matter how sad it is to conclude – men at the level of genes are becoming weaker, they accumulate pathologies, sometimes acquiring serious mutations. At some point – of course, not in 100-200 years, but much later – a “critical mass” of defects may accumulate that stop the existence of men. But we still have a few million years left. Perhaps we will still learn how to correct gene defects in the Y chromosome.

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