“Fear the Dark” – a horror film about a cannibal – at the box office from August 4, 2022 – Poster Plus – Saint-Petersburg News

August 4 on the screens – the Franco-Belgian film directed by Arnaud Malherbe “Fear the Dark”, which in the original is simply called Ogre, that is, an ogre, a cannibal giant (like the one with which Puss in Boots was at enmity).

It takes place in a remote village where a child has disappeared without a trace. A young teacher finds out about this, who, along with her son, came to her misfortune to work in the village. Of course, everything that is required in such cases is included: suspiciously friendly (or, conversely, unfriendly) villagers, strangely behaving dogs and other animals, old half-abandoned houses with creaking floorboards, night visions and similar signs of a country holiday.

The director Malherbe himself (for whom this is the second full meter in his career) explained his choice in this way: it was the image of the countryside, in which time seemed to stand still half a century ago, that inspired him to make this movie. In addition, he felt sorry for the ogres, whom the cinema had forgotten, giving preference to traditional witches, werewolves and vampires.

Despite the traditional plot moves, the picture is able to impress: the pumped-up horror here is well balanced by the idyllic views of the French hinterland. The success of the critics testifies to the successful experiment: the picture received – neither more nor less – the Grand Prix at the French film festival Gerardmer Film Festival in the Best Film nomination.

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