Foreign media review: Italy’s secret plan and the threat of a strike on the US embassy

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“In the dark for two hours a day”: Italy’s secret plan without gas

Moscow continues to cut gas supplies to Europe. After an initial drop in supplies of 35 percent, Italy received half of the requested 63 mcm and began to develop a “secret plan” in case of a shortage of gas, writes Nicola Porro.

In particular, the plan provides for the cessation of street lighting from four to six in the morning. The portal notes that this will not be a big problem for households, but may hit the industrial sector: “What should textile and steel mills do, some of which work around the clock?”.

Poll: do the French approve Ukraine’s EU candidacy

French right-wing newspaper Le Figaro asked the French question whether they approve of granting Ukraine the status of an EU candidate. About 53 percent of the respondents answered in the negative, more than 46 percent – in the affirmative.

A user named BERNARD SORET 1 wrote in the comments to the survey that “the already suffering European nations will now have to pay for restoration [Украины] for the profits of American companies.” Salluste10 noted that the polls make no sense – even when the majority of the French do not agree, “the state, like a steamroller, continues the path that it has determined.” He called the referendum the only democratic way to resolve such issues.

“Why Kaliningrad is so important for Russia”

Chinese newspaper “Huanqiu shibao” toldwhy Kaliningrad is so important for Russia and why the blocking of Kaliningrad transit by Lithuania caused such a sharp reaction.

Kaliningrad is an isolated port city located on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea and is connected to the main part of Russia by two routes: a railway through Belarus and Lithuania, and a sea route originating in St. Petersburg.

Kaliningrad is the only year-round ice-free port of Russia in the Baltic Sea, which is why it is an important base for the Russian navy. Its strategic location allows Russian ships to cross the Arctic Ocean without entering Northern Europe. At the same time, the location of Kaliningrad means that the ships of the Russian Navy can be placed “in the rear” of NATO.

Biden’s cheat sheet

US President Joe Biden accidentally showed his cheat sheet at a meeting with cabinet members at the White House. informs fox news. In the photo that got into the media, the text of the cheat sheet is clearly visible: “YOU enter the Roosevelt room and greet the participants. Sit in YOUR seat.”

The cheat sheet also indicated that Biden should give brief comments, thank the participants in the meeting and leave the room. A White House spokesman told Fox News that this is the standard cheat sheet format used by politicians and officials at public events.

“Ukraine receives missiles, in Russia they threaten to strike the US embassy”

The United States agreed to provide Ukraine with the first batch of highly mobile artillery missile systems HIMARS – it was about them that the Ukrainian military asked for, writes Fox News. These systems are potentially capable of destroying targets at a distance of up to 300 kilometers.

Against this background, the head of the State Duma Defense Committee, Yuri Shvytkin, said that the transfer of HIMARS to Ukraine “demonstrates the gradual movement of the United States towards a third world war.” He stressed that Russia must respond harshly and make its goal “the main center of decision-making” – the American embassy. Retired US military intelligence officer Rebecca Koffler said that Moscow would not openly attack the US embassy in Kyiv, but could “fake a mistake.”

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