French millionaire found dead outside hotel in Paris

French entrepreneur and millionaire Stefan Eimer, head of the country’s largest network of medical laboratories, Biogroup, was found dead in front of the Royal Monceau Hotel in Paris. RIA News with reference to AFP data. It is assumed that he committed suicide.

Millionaire found dead outside hotel in Paris

By data editions of Midi Libre, this version is indicated by a suicide note left by a man in a hotel. The Paris prosecutor’s office has already launched an investigation into the discovery of his body in order to accurately establish the circumstances of the death of a millionaire.

The man died at the age of 52. Biogroup has already expressed its condolences to his family in an official statement in Twitter.

In 2021, Aimer was ranked 167th in the list of the richest people in France. His fortune is estimated at 600 million euros.

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