From Conalep to Tomorrowland, the graduate shows off his uniform from the festival

Effort always bears fruit and this was demonstrated by a young Mexican who showed off his uniform from the Conalep be at the festival electronic music the world’s largest, tomorrowland.

The publication went viral on Tik Tok, because the young student, in addition to carrying a Mexican flagproudly wearing the uniform of the technical institution.

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“Look mom, graduated from Conalep and fulfilling my dreams now in tomorrowland”, the young man wrote in the description of the video.

But it is not the only publication where he wears the shirt with the shield of the Conalepalso has a video from the base of The Eiffel Tower where the message “no matter where you come from, dreams come true” stands out.

In the graduate’s account Conalepshows videos from London and also visiting the Santiago Bernabeuthe Real Madrid stadium, wearing an América shirt.

“I am Master of ConalepI already have one more video to motivate my students, Much success !!!”, reads the comments.

So far the videos They have more than 300 thousand reproductions.

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