G7 countries decide to increase investment in LNG projects Russian news EN

The G7 will increase investment in LNG projects to reduce dependence on Russian energy sources

The G7 countries have decided to increase investment in liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects and the promotion of clean energy to reduce dependence on Russian energy carriers. This is reported RIA News.

“We recognize the importance of accelerating investment in upstream development, including LNG projects and promoting the use of clean energy in order to reduce our dependence on Russian energy sources,” the Canadian, US, German, Italian foreign ministers said in a joint statement. , Japan, France and Britain.

Earlier it was reported that European countries seeking to replace Russian pipeline gas were faced with the inability to purchase more liquefied natural gas (LNG) due to infrastructure restrictions. As the experts said consulting agency IHS Markit (part of S&P Global), LNG imports could be increased by 20 percent, the nominal regasification capacity in the region allows this, but the existing pipelines from the ports are already working at the limit.

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