G7 foreign ministers stressed that they do not recognize changes in borders in Ukraine

G7 foreign ministers do not recognize border changes in Ukraine

Meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the G7 countries

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The foreign ministers of the G7 countries will supply weapons to Ukraine “as long as necessary,” the joint statement, which was adopted following a three-day meeting in the commune of Wangels (the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein) in northern Germany, said.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock said during a press conference that the G7 countries do not recognize border changes in Ukraine. “We will never recognize border changes that Russia wants to force,” she said.

According to the ministers, the actions of the Russian Federation on Ukrainian territory “worsened the prospects for the development of the global economy” and led to a significant increase in prices for food, energy and fuel. The ministers also called on the Russian side to end the “grain export blockade” from Ukraine, writes TASS. The document says that about 43 million people are one step away from hunger.

In addition, the G7 urges China not to help Russia, not to circumvent anti-Russian sanctions, and not to justify Moscow’s actions.

Earlier, the G7 countries announced that they intend to provide Ukraine with a “prosperous future” and prevent “Russia’s victory”. The White House also announced its intention to ensure that action is taken to prevent companies or others from circumventing sanctionsalready introduced by the US authorities. Washington discussed this topic with the leaders of the G7 (G7) and representatives of official Kyiv.

The G7 includes the UK, Canada, USA, Germany, France, Italy and Japan.

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