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Jet CyberCamp manager Rudaya warned about the danger of downloading software from unreliable resources

Ekaterina Rudaya, manager of the Jet CyberCamp service at the information security center of Jet Infosystems, revealed to Russians a way to extend the life of a smartphone. Her words leads prime agency.

The expert noted that the most malicious software is miners, they load the device 100 percent without interruption and significantly reduce its resource.

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Rudaya warned about the danger of downloading programs from untrusted resources, since the miner may be part of an application or browser extension.

“In the current situation, given the blocking of some applications in the official app stores, many clones or instructions for downloading software from unreliable sources are published,” the expert said.

She recommended downloading programs from primary sources, in particular from the official websites of developers. It is also necessary to check new files with your own antivirus, especially those received in instant messengers.

Rudaya gave advice to be careful about the extensions installed for browsers, update operating systems as new updates are released, and remove or block permissions for unused applications.

Previously journalists edition of The Sun described obvious signs that may indicate a smartphone infection with a virus. Some of them are reduced performance and overheating of the device.

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