Geodictation continues: online option available until November 10

Last Sunday, at thousands of venues around the world, geography connoisseurs and enthusiasts took part in the international educational campaign of the Russian Geographical Society “Geographical dictation” for the eighth time. For the most adventurous, the holiday of science continues: according to a good tradition, upon completion of writing the main version of the dictation, the Russian Geographical Society holds an online action.

Dictation online is already available on the website You can test your strength and answer 40 brand new questions until 14:00 November 10 Moscow time.

Registration is not required to take the test, and the result is known immediately after completing all the tasks. If the number of points scored is not satisfactory, then the online dictation can be retaken an unlimited number of times.

The test includes two blocks of questions: 10 easy and 30 more difficult. You have 45 minutes to complete them. Please note that the issuance of a certificate for participation in the online dictation is not provided.

This craft combines painting and jewelry art: metal products, mainly from copper and silver, are decorated with painted enamel plates. Initially, this technique came to Rus’ from Byzantium and already “on the spot” acquired new forms and manifestations. In the 18th-19th centuries in Russia, this craft was used primarily for church needs, making crosses, icons and Gospels. What is the name of the craft that has received the greatest fame in Rostov?

A) Palekh miniature;

B) Gorodets painting;

B) Enamel;

D) Rakul painting.

Question author: Sergey Kulichenkov

Correct Answer: Enamel. The essence of this craft is the production of works of art using vitreous powder, enamel on a metal substrate. The glass coating is durable and does not fade over time, the products are distinguished by their special brightness and purity of colors.

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