Geographical dictation in Moscow brought together lovers of geography and famous intellectuals

On October 30, the VIII Geographic Dictation started at the site of the Headquarters of the Russian Geographical Society in Moscow.

Participants and guests of the action were geography lovers who took part in dictation competitions, as well as intellectuals known throughout the country – eminent players of the “What? Where? When?” and TV quiz “Own game”.

Andrey Kozlov, Konstantin Ruder, Vitaly Fedorov, Andrey Chernyavsky, Anatoly Wasserman and Dmitry Avdeenko, together with everyone else, answered the questions of the dictation, prompted, and sometimes deliberately confused in search of the correct answers, so that everyone, relying only on their own knowledge and logic, could find correct solution of the geographic problem.

However, before joining a group of intellectuals and fans of geography, one must go through a difficult path, the first step on which is to realize the importance and value of geography. According to one of the most popular participants in intellectual television games in Russia, Anatoly Wasserman, geography is the key to understanding the world:

Fonvizin in the comedy “Undergrowth” has a phrase that there is no need to learn geography if the driver himself will take you. Now almost every one of us has something like a cab in our pocket, namely, a navigation program, but this is only a very small part of the geography. We all need geography, among other things, in order to understand how interconnected we are. How much each of us needs and important the whole world. There was once an old joke of late Soviet times: “We need the world, preferably the whole world.” So, we really need peace in the sense of tranquility, and one of the ways to ensure this tranquility is to know the world in the geographical sense.

The eminent scientist and TV presenter Nikolai Drozdov supports him in this position, defining the surface of the Earth, which is our habitat, as the subject of study of geography. And the habitat must be protected, loved and studied.

The indicated reasons are understandable and close to all the winners of the blitz contests “Write your own question for the Geographical Dictation” and the international competition of the same name in 2022. For each finalist, geography is a favorite thing or hobby, for which you do not need to look for a reason. At the same time, everyone has their own path to science. For example, Olga Sharikova from Voronezh, the winner of the thematic competition in the nomination “Geography and Fashion”, sees the connection between geography and photography – an opportunity to capture the beauty of nature. In addition to the Geographical dictation, Olga also participates in the project “The Most Beautiful Country”, where, perhaps, she will also be lucky.

Aleksey Vinnikov from the city of Uray, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Ugra is considering the possibility of connecting his life with geography:

I plan to enter the Faculty of Geography. I like geography for its diversity, for the fact that it helps to understand our world in all its versatility. Geography has a connection with other sciences, including history, biology, it is a comprehensive science where everyone can find what is closer to him.

Indeed, geography is perhaps one of the few sciences about the Earth that is interesting to everyone, and everyone can touch it by answering the questions of the Geographical Dictation. As Vice-President of the Russian Geographical Society Nikolai Kasimov correctly noted, dictation allows you to feel something special in this area:

There are other dictations in our country, but only the Russian Geographical Society paints a multifaceted picture of geography in this project. Every year the action becomes more and more interesting: the experience of past years has shown that the connection of geography with other sciences attracts more attention, allowing everyone to be involved in the dictation.

The results of the Geographic Dictation, written in person and online on October 30, will be known after November 30. Until 14:00 on November 10, Moscow time, there is also an opportunity to answer the questions of the online version of the dictation on the website You can go through it at any time an unlimited number of times. Registration is not required for this, and the result is known immediately after passing.

There are two blocks of questions in the online dictation: 10 easy and 30 more difficult. You have 45 minutes to complete the test. You can find out your result immediately after completing all the tasks, and if you don’t like it, take the test again. Please note that the issuance of a certificate for participation in the online dictation is not provided.

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