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In the very near future, the German authorities will begin to charge citizens an additional fee for the use of gas.

According to TASS with reference to the DPA agency, the country’s government decided to introduce such measures from October 1, 2022 due to concerns about further supplies of “blue fuel” to Europe. At the same time, it is noted that consumers will be required to pay a new fee within 1.5 years, that is, until the end of March 2024.

The exact values ​​​​of this amount have not yet been disclosed, but the Ministry of Economy of Germany promised that information about this would be published before the end of August, the Ministry of Economy emphasized. The amount of the additional fee will be based on the requirements of exporters to compensate for the cost of gas purchases.

This measure is designed to give gas suppliers the opportunity to pass on to citizens up to 90% of regularly growing purchase prices for “blue fuel”.

As before wrote “Expert”the largest German energy concern Uniper SE will become one of the first major victims of Berlin’s struggle with Russian energy carriers.

Recall that Uniper is Germany’s largest buyer of Russian natural gas. The company headquarters is located in Düsseldorf. He is a “daughter” of the Finnish company Fortum, which is the largest foreign partner of Gazprom. Uniper is also known as one of the largest gas storage operators in the world. It owns 9 underground storage facilities in Germany, Austria and the UK with a total capacity of 9 billion m³.

Uniper works with Gazprom. After a sharp reduction in gas supplies via the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline in June by 60% due to technical reasons and a complete shutdown last Monday, Uniper had to buy gas on the spot market for scheduled maintenance.

And, of course, much more expensive than he took it from Gazprom. Experts have calculated that the decrease in gas supplies from Russia in June cost German energy companies 30 million euros every day. Now, when gas is not flowing through the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline at all, the losses, of course, are even greater. High prices are unacceptable for Uniper, so it began to withdraw gas from storage facilities intended for the winter.

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