German general called senseless delivery of heavy weapons to Kyiv

German chancellor to increase Germany's military budget

German infantry fighting vehicle “Puma”


Deliveries of heavy weapons to Kyiv are not only senseless, but also dangerous. Germany needs to focus on peace talks, not military rhetoric, said retired German Army Brigadier General Erich Wad.

In an interview with radio station Deutschlandfunk, he explainedthat in order to control the Leopard tank or the Marder infantry fighting vehicle, it is necessary to undergo many years of training. Therefore, they will not be useful to Ukrainians either now or in the near future. Wade also stressed that further arms deliveries would lead to irreparable consequences.

“We must think about the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine from the end. If we do not want a third world war, sooner or later we will have to abandon the thinking in the direction of military escalation and start negotiations,” he stressed. At the same time, Vad urged not to demonize the Russian government, convincing himself that it was impossible to have a dialogue with the Kremlin.

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