German vice-chancellor spoke about the gas crisis in the country

German minister on gas consumption

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck

©Michael Kappeler/dpa/Global Look Press

Vice-Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Minister of Economy and Climate Protection Robert Habeck said that the country is in a gas crisis. In this regard, he pointed out, gas consumption should be reduced “wherever possible.” “Otherwise it will be difficult,” Habek warned.

Khabek made such a statement in an interview. Spiegel magazineIt came out on June 24th. The minister stressed that the federal government is doing everything in its power to stabilize the situation with the energy supply. Speaking about the gas crisis, he added that now Germany “is where it has never been.”

As Habek pointed out, the shortage of gas threatens to close a number of branches of German industry and, accordingly, the suspension of market processes. “For some industries, this would be a disaster,” the German Vice Chancellor warned. He also admitted that in order to save electricity, he “significantly reduced the time he took a shower.”

On the eve of Khabek announced the start of the second stage of the plan gas emergency. He, in particular, suggests that companies should start measures to save fuel consumption.

Also, residents of Germany have repeatedly called for saving electricity. As Khabek said earlier, the country will be able to cope with dependence on Russian energy resources in the coming winter if all gas consumers make certain efforts to save blue fuel. Among proposals put forward by the Minister- the ideas of “heating your home less, wandering around saunas less and taking showers less often.”

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