Germany ‘more than supportive’ of Sweden and Finland joining NATO

Bundestag building

Bundestag building in Berlin


German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock at a briefing following the meeting of the G7 foreign ministers noted that Sweden and Finland are strong countries, and their contribution in terms of their own defense capability will strengthen NATO.

The minister said the German government “has already made it clear that we are more than supportive of this entry.” She added that Sweden and Finland are stable democracies that have lived peacefully with their neighbors for decades, writes RIA Novosti on Saturday, May 14th.

Burbock also noted that the actions “pushed” these countries to join the Alliance. NATO, according to her, did not force them to do so.

Sweden and Finland started talking about the possibility of abandoning their long-term neutrality and joining NATO against the background of the Russian special operation in Ukraine. The Alliance said that they would be glad to see these countries in their ranks and provide them with the opportunity for quick entry.

Applications of Sweden and Finland to join NATO will be approved soon. This may happen already at the Alliance summit. Moscow warned that such a move could have certain consequences.

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