Germany sees no obstacles to sending a turbine for Nord Stream to Russia

The German authorities have confirmed to Gazprom that the turbine for the Nord Stream gas pipeline can freely pass customs until the end of July 2023. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that the German side has no complaints about the transportation of equipment to Russia, only the consent of Gazprom is missing, writes “Kommersant” with reference to sources.

Gazprom believes that the sanctions and the inconsistency of the current situation with contractual obligations on the part of Siemens make it impossible to supply the turbine to the Russian Federation.

The German Siemens Energy sent to Gazprom another batch of documents requested by the Russian side to guarantee the reliability of supplies of turbines for the Portovaya compressor station. In particular, a positive decision was received from the Federal Office for Economics and Export Control of Germany. In addition, it is noted that a separate permit for the transportation of the turbine is not required, since it is not subject to sanctions. As a guarantee that the equipment will pass customs, the agency issued a temporary permit for customs control until July 26, 2023.

Siemens Energy said that for both parties, the return of the engine to the Russian Federation is a priority, since now Nord Stream is operating without it with restrictions – only 20% of the total capacity. The operation of the gas pipeline is supported by only one turbine.

In late July, Gazprom noted that the turbine was sent from Canada not to Russia, but to Germany without the consent of the Russian side, which does not comply with the terms of the contract. Now, in order to receive a repaired engine, a company must obtain guarantees of non-imposition of sanctions not only from Canada, but also from the European Union and Great Britain (the English Industrial Turbine Company Limited, part of Siemens, was repaired), Gazprom said.

Nevertheless, Siemens Energy, according to the newspaper, does not quite understand why Gazprom has again raised the issue of UK sanctions, since London confirmed in writing that there are no sanctions preventing the return of the turbine.

Earlier on Wednesday, August 3, Gazprom reported on the impossibility of delivering a turbine for Nord Stream to the Russian Federation. The company believes that the sanctions of the European Union, Canada and the UK are to blame for this.

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