Germany will not have enough gas for the winter without supplies from Russia

Gas storage in Germany
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Even if Germany’s gas storage facilities are completely filled, gas reserves will last only 2.5 months of winter, taking into account the reduction in Russian gas supplies. This was announced on Thursday, June 23, by the head of the Federal Network Agency of Germany, Klaus Müller.

As Mueller noted on air TV channel ZDFIf the gas storages in Germany were mathematically filled to 100%, the country could completely do without Russian gas for only 2.5 months. Then the gas tanks will be empty.

The head of the gas regulator stressed the tension with the supply of blue fuel to Germany, but said that the situation is stable so far. However, Muller pointed to the need to find additional suppliers and save gas.

The German government has previously expressed concerns that Russia may completely stop gas supplies to the country during the maintenance of the Nord Stream pipeline. Currently, German gas storage facilities are 58% full. Berlin wants 90% occupancy by November 1st. Difficulties with supplies via Nord Stream are forcing Germany to buy the missing volumes of gas on the spot market at higher prices.

23 June German authorities raised the alert level of the state of emergency in the field of gas supply from the first to the second. The German government explained this by reducing gas supplies from the Russian Federation and high prices on the market.

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