Great Britain became the leader of European countries in approaching poverty Russian news EN

The Times editor Swynford: Britain has become the European leader in moving towards poverty

Stephen Swynford, editor of the British edition of The Times, attending a meeting of members of the Treasury Committee English Parliamentquoted on his Twitter a number of statements by the head of the UK bank Andrew Bailey. About it informs “Public News Service”.

According to Bailey, the British economy is experiencing an “apocalyptic” rise in prices, and the UK Bank is not able to address the external causes of shocking inflation.

“The Bank of Britain is a little helpless because 80 percent of the causes of inflation are external shocks,” Bailey explained.

It is noted that more than 4.5 million households in the UK have turned off the prepayment mode on their accounts, and the debt has increased by an average of 120 pounds. Part of the population of the country come to the nearest restaurants McDonald’sto warm up, says the head of the English Bank.

Previously Daily Mail experts predicted Britain’s worst economic shock since 1973 due to oil prices. Experts called Britain’s decision to stop importing Russian oil until the end of 2022 as a prerequisite for a large-scale crisis. Analysts expressed the view that the decision to cut off energy from Russia could seriously affect the standard of living of ordinary Britons.

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