Great Britain reduced imports of Russian gas by 75%

Oil and gas storage in a UK port
┬ęCollage / Shutterstock/Fotodom

In 2022, the UK reduced the volume of oil imports from Russia by 50% and the supply of Russian natural gas by 75% compared to 2021. The United Kingdom received the last batch of liquefied natural gas from Russia on March 2. This was announced on Thursday, June 23, by the Minister for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy of the country Kwazi Kwarteng.

Kvarteng believes that Russia can use control over energy supplies as a weapon, reports TASS. “Although the UK receives very little gas from Russia, we remain vulnerable and dependent on the situation in the gas market, which we have no control over,” the politician admitted.

The UK plans to completely stop importing fossil fuels from Russia by the end of 2022. The authorities of the kingdom want to reduce the country’s energy dependence on natural gas. In return, they plan to develop nuclear and renewable energy, upgrade energy networks and improve the energy efficiency of housing.

In 2021, the UK received 3.12 bcm from Russia. m. of natural gas. This is only 4% of the kingdom’s total annual gas consumption.

It was previously known that Britain has introduced a new package of anti-Russian sanctions. It includes a ban on the supply or delivery of foreign exchange, technologies and products for oil refining, import and purchase of income-generating Russian goods.

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