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Cardiologist Boytsov criticized Dr. Myasnikov’s statement about drugs for arrhythmia

Chief freelance cardiologist Ministry of Health of Russia Sergey Boytsov responded to Dr. Myasnikov’s statement about the dangers of drugs for arrhythmia. He expressed his position to

Former TV presenter toldthat drugs for arrhythmia in some cases can provoke an even greater development of the disease. “Whenever we encounter an arrhythmia that makes a person uncomfortable, we say that it is better not to take antiarrhythmic drugs, but to try to maintain a normal sinus rhythm,” the doctor explained. He added that if the patient does not feel any discomfort due to a violation of the heart rate, no drugs need to be taken.

Commenting on this statement, Boytsov pointed out that asymptomatic arrhythmias can often be extremely life-threatening. “Calling for the abandonment of antiarrhythmic therapy in cases where there are no symptoms felt by the patient seems to be as irresponsible as self-medication with antiarrhythmic drugs,” the specialist criticized.

The cardiologist agreed that in rare cases, antiarrhythmic drugs can cause an aggravation of the severity of the arrhythmia. At the same time, he noted that the variety of forms of arrhythmias, a wide range of their clinical manifestations and varying degrees of influence on the prognosis of health and life indicate only that the decision on the need for treatment with antiarrhythmic drugs should be made by a qualified cardiologist or therapist.

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