heat wave in Europe led to thousands of deaths

Thousands of people died as a result of a record heat wave in Europe in July, Politico points out, citing studies by national statistical offices.

A sharp surge in mortality due to heat was recorded, in particular, in Germany. In this country, since July 18 (the temperature reached 40 ° C), more than 3 thousand deaths have been officially registered, which is the highest figure in the last 5 years, informs Politico on Thursday, the fourth of August.

Spain has recorded more than 2,700 deaths since July 11, where the temperature was 45°C – 1,682 of them are directly related to extreme heat. During the same period, 662 deaths were registered in Portugal.

The number of EU countries that are suffering from the heat also includes Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. There, weather forecasters predicted an increase in temperature to + 37 … + 38 ° C – Russian tourists have already been warned against abnormal heatand from fires in Europe.

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