H&M stores opened: how much is a place in the queue, it became known August 4, 2022 – Society – Saint-Petersburg News

Places in the queue at H&M stores began to sell on Avito. So far, you can find inexpensive ones – for only 500 rubles.

The announcement of the sale of a place at the head of the queue in the Aviapark shopping center in Moscow appeared on the afternoon of the day before, on August 3. The enterprising citizen offered a quick entrance to the store and “saving a few hours.”

Following her, another girl offered a place in the queue. In an interview with a Fontanka correspondent, she said that she could provide access to things tomorrow at any time. The St. Petersburg woman also asked for 500 rubles for this service.

Whether it is really possible for this amount not to stand in long lines is unknown. Fontanka does not recommend anyone to transfer money as an advance payment, so as not to fall for the bait of scammers.

Recall that on Wednesday, August 3, a queue lined up for the opening of an H&M store in the Gallery shopping center in St. Petersburg, stretching to the Moscow railway station. The report of the Fontanka correspondent, who talked with the most patient women of fashion, can be read here.

The day before, August 2, H&M outlets resumed work in Moscow. In the Aviapark shopping center, which the author of the ad on Avito mentions, then it was almost empty.

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