Hotels in Kuban and Crimea have reduced prices due to closed airports: Russia: Travel:

Hotels in the Krasnodar Territory and Crimea began to reduce prices amid closed airports

Hotels Krasnodar Territory and Crimea began to reduce prices against the backdrop of closed airports and the end of the May holidays, the maximum discount is up to 30 percent. About it RIA News industry representatives said.

“We are talking about the mid-price segment and three-star facilities. Demanded branded objects of four and five stars are filled and do not experience the need to reduce prices,” Intourist said.

The tour operator also reported that hoteliers do not see the rush demand for summer holidays in the Kuban and are trying to save the season by providing discounts.

Fun&Sun explained that the May holidays refer to the season and are second in popularity only to the New Year holidays and August races. Thus, prices for services, including accommodation in hotels and air travel, increase, and after the holidays they decrease. “The maximum values ​​for the cost of rest fall on arrivals in mid-August, and from the beginning of September they will begin to decline again,” the company noted.

Previously reportedthat Turkish hotel owners refused to raise prices for Russians in the upcoming tourist season despite record annual inflation in the country. Turkish hoteliers understand that due to the Western sanctions imposed on Russia and the rise in airfare, the issue of the cost of living for tourists is a key one, ATOR explained.

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