how to arrange a corner of nature on the site

sensory track

Initially, designers created sensory gardens for therapeutic purposes, but an unusual idea suddenly took root. Now such a garden can be found even in an ordinary suburban area. Such a natural route is not only an adventure, but also a powerful therapy for the body, and at the same time a way to relieve stress. And it’s very easy to make it.

When planning the landscape of the site, provide if not 5-10, then at least 2-3 zones with different coverage. For example, with herbal, pebbly and woody. It will not cost a lot of money and at the same time will bring undoubted benefits to both adults and children.

The sensor garden can be installed on any relatively flat surface, with any surface, any shape and size. For its device, it is not necessary to carry out any earthworks, coordinate something, it is not required to introduce it into the ground. It won’t damage your existing lawn. It is enough to fill the area with the selected filler, for example, sea pebbles, transmits Roomble.

When choosing a color scheme, landscape designers use the same techniques that professional artists use. In this way, you can achieve various visual effects and even influence the mood of a person. How to pick up on the site perfect color schemetold

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