How to eat sweets and not get fat: 5 simple rules

Choose a portioned dessert

If you decide to normalize your weight, it does not mean that you have to give up your usual and favorite desserts. The secret is elsewhere. You just need to eat them in smaller quantities. Reducing the portion size can work wonders.

And it only seems that if a bar of chocolate or ice cream bucket hands have already reached you, it will be impossible to stop and not eat them whole. If you want to lose weight, just try it.

As a life hack, advice: choose desserts that are already divided into small portions – like a chocolate bar into slices or ice cream into cups. Eat in small bites, chewing thoroughly and enjoying each one.

And in no case do not put sweets next to you when you are working at a computer or watching a series – you will gobble up everything to the last crumb and will not even feel the buzz from your favorite dessert. And fat on the sides and abdomen will increase.

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