how to feed cabbage in august

Fertilizing cabbage in August

In order for the cabbage crop to be good, the crop needs timely top dressing. One of the most important is held in August.

In the last month of summer, under white and red cabbage, as well as kohlrabi, nitrophoska, superphosphate and potassium are added at the rate of 1 tbsp. l. each (the dose is given for processing 1 square meter of soil). Fertilizers are pre-dissolved in water. For cauliflower and broccoli, you need 0.5 tbsp. l. each of these fertilizers, withexperts of Rosselkhoztsentr advise.

Cauliflower and broccoli can then be fed again at the end of August. Suitable complex fertilizer (1 liter of mullein, diluted with water 5 times, and 15 g of granular superphosphate, dissolved in 1 bucket of water). Processing should be carried out under the root at the rate of 2–2.5 liters of solution per 1 sq. m.

Before fertilizing, as well as before watering, you need to loosen the soil. Also, experts remind that it is undesirable to get the solution on cabbage leaf blades. If this does happen, it must be washed off with a stream of water from a hose.

Late varieties of red and white cabbage at the end of August can still be treated with magnesium sulfate (15 g per 1 bucket of water) on the green mass. This amount of solution is sufficient for 10 square meters of area. Such processing will help varieties intended for long-term storage to overwinter without problems.

Some summer residents remove the lower foliage from cabbage to feed it to livestock. However, experts say that all leaves are important for the formation of a good head of cabbage.

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