How to get a big harvest of raspberries: 6 growing tips

Usually raspberry bushes grow well, but the yield is not always encouraging. A good harvest largely depends on proper care, watering and pruning of the plant. Experts told what you need to pay attention to in order for raspberries to bear fruit.

Lots of light

Raspberries love sunlight. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the bushes are in a well-lit area and a sufficient distance from each other. The optimal distance is 70 cm. There should not be large trees nearby that create a shadow.

Proper watering

Raspberry is a moisture-loving plant, so it is better not to allow the roots to dry out. However, a balance is also needed here: the soil does not need to be turned into a swamp by frequent watering. Moderation and consistency are important.


Raspberries are prone to rapid growth, so the bushes need to be cut on time and correctly. Thanks to this, the plant will not “spend” energy on young shoots, and all useful substances will be spent on crop growth, writes “New Hearth”.

Good top dressing

As a top dressing for raspberries, you can use humus from the leaves, peat or manure. It is best to feed the plant at the moment when the shoots begin to bear fruit, since during this period raspberries need even more nutrients.


Due to the severity of the fruits, raspberry branches often end up on the ground, and the berries receive less heat and light. You can increase the yield by using a garter of bushes. Experts advise using a trellis for this.


The soil under the plant should not be dug, as this can damage the roots, and the yield will drop. It is better to do mulching – add sawdust, manure, peat straw. This will help retain moisture in the soil and also prevent overgrowth of weeds.

Pruning is an important part of raspberry care. However, few people know how to carry out this procedure correctly. Secrets shared by experienced gardeners.

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