How to get rid of the Colorado potato beetle on potatoes: safe folk remedies

As the main measure to combat the Colorado potato beetle, it is recommended to treat potato plantings with systemic insecticides. But if there are few pests or they have just begun to appear in small areas of the garden, they can be collected by hand and other folk remedies for controlling Colorados can be used. Many of them are quite effective.

How to get rid of the Colorado potato beetle: simple folk remedies

To reduce the number of the Colorado potato beetle, in addition to chemical methods, no less effective folk, indicate in the Rosselkhoztsentr. All these measures are simple and, most importantly, they are safe for people, pets and the future potato crop.

Hand picking Colorado beetles

Time consuming, but very simple option. Insects are collected in a concentrated saline solution poured into a zinc bucket and then destroyed.

Dusting potato tops and soil near plantings

The best and most affordable means for processing potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle in this way are:

  • wood ash;
  • corn flour;
  • dry plaster.

Dusting is carried out on wet foliage. The larvae of the Colorado beetles and adults who have eaten such a “treat” soon die. To get rid of the pest, the procedure is repeated every two weeks before the flowering of potatoes, after the start of flowering – weekly.

Planting fragrant tobacco

This plant is poisonous to the Colorado potato beetle and can be an excellent bait that will help, if not completely get rid of the Colorado potato beetle on potatoes, then at least significantly reduce its numbers. You can plant fragrant tobacco along the perimeter of the beds and between the rows at a distance of about 1.5–2 m.

Processing potatoes with herbal infusions

For spraying potato tops, infusions of celandine, wormwood, tomato tops are suitable. These liquids will repel Colorado potato beetles.

Colorado beetles are not the only beetles that threaten crops. Experts pay attention to the most voracious and dangerous beetles, which are difficult to get rid of. Against them take the necessary countermeasures immediately.

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