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Bonya loves to swim
Bonya loves to swimPhoto: Anna Starkova

Many are touched when watching videos about domestic raccoons. From the outside, it seems funny: a fluffy fidget walks around the apartment on its hind legs, opens cabinets and hilariously bubbles for sweets.

But in fact, everything looks even more interesting. Anna Starkova, a resident of Yaroslavl, adopted the raccoon Bonya, who had previously lived in a Moscow petting zoo. About what you will have to face if you decide to get a raccoon, she told the 76.RU portal.

Bonet gets a lot of attention
Bonet gets a lot of attentionPhoto: Anna Starkova

The first step was to equip Boni with a place to live. Raccoons need a lot of space, and therefore the cage had to be made rather big.

– We bought Bonya in Moscow, and, unfortunately, we have it without a tail. For her, her husband had to build a huge three-story cage almost the entire wall with his own hands. We don’t have children, we have a cat. But with the advent of Boni, a real child appeared in our apartment 2–3 years old, who had to open everything and climb everywhere, – Anna recalls. – Her favorite thing is to get concrete from behind the plinth and eat it. It fails to select.

Such a cage takes up space like a large closet.
Such a cage takes up space like a large closet.Photo: Anna Starkova

Difficulties arose with the upbringing of a new family member. The couple bought a raccoon in a petting zoo, where she was not accustomed to hands. Anna and her husband had to endure the bites before Bonya got used to people.

– When she was very young, it was a real hell.

“She bit almost to the meat. We walked in bruises and wounds. I had to re-educate her from a wild tear into a manual “

raccoon mistress

At first it was given badly, and it was hard. She has been living with us for two years, she has become affectionate, but still not quite tame, it happens, and now she can bite, ”Anna admits. They are not friendly with cats. The cat teases her, sitting near the cage. And when we let Bonya go for a walk, the cat hides and runs away from her.

Bonya loves to walk
Bonya loves to walkPhoto: Anna Starkova

Over time, it turned out that the raccoon has a strong temper. And she shows it with might and main to its new owners. But there were no problems with nutrition – Bonya is on natural feeding. She is not averse to eating porridge and fruits. But meat, to the surprise of the owners, refuses.

– Bonya loves to crawl around the cage. Sometimes she hits herself with a door on her paws and barks at us, they say, it’s our fault. Likes to swim in a bubble bath. Previously, we had an ordinary cork there, so she freaked out and took it out. Apparently, she interfered with her. She flushes her own water and immediately freaks out that she can’t swim. We insert the cork back, and she takes it out again, and so on in a circle.

At home, the raccoon literally twists ropes from its owners.

– She is very picky about food. She can cry, scream until she gets them to give her cookies, she can’t do without it. He loves bananas and cottage cheese, but throws apples away. I give pasta with meat – does not eat, scatters. And empty eats only so. I cook rice porridge – I don’t eat it, I brew children’s porridge – I eat it with pleasure.

“She takes out the cork for herself, and then freaks out”
“She takes out the cork for herself, and then freaks out”Photo: Anna Starkova

Among other things, Anna and her husband had to be more attentive to small items. Everything that Bonya could reach, migrated to her in the “burrow”.

If you want to get a raccoon, be prepared that it will not be easy to raise him
If you want to get a raccoon, be prepared that it will not be easy to raise himPhoto: Anna Starkova

– The thief is still the same. He takes off my jewelry, crawls in my pockets. When we let them walk around the apartment, they are sure to try to steal something. Once we got distracted, didn’t notice, and she pulled a curly wax candle from the shelf, ran into the cage and started tearing it apart, – says Anna. – Once I climbed onto the cage door and could not get down. One fat ass hung, plus the door staggers: it opens, then it closes. Barely got out of there.

Mistress loves to play with fluffy naughty

Vladislav Shityuk

Now Bonya is already used to the new family and is becoming more tame. But the couple will definitely have to work on her upbringing.

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