How to prepare your pet for travel: veterinary advice

Preparing animals for travel

If the animal has a long road ahead, especially by plane, you need to prepare for the trip in advance. Advice on this subject was given by veterinarian Mikhail Shelyakov. According to him, for a pet, such a trip can turn into a lot of stress.

Examination and preventive measures

First of all, you need to be examined by a veterinarian. This is necessary to prevent the exacerbation of diseases. In addition, all preventive measures should be taken – we are talking about prevention from fleas, parasites, as well as vaccinations. “It is important that at the time of the trip the pet does not have any active complaints. This is immediately a withdrawal from any trips, because you never know what can happen on the road,” Shelyakov said. in conversation with

In addition, in a number of countries it is rather difficult to buy medicines for an animal, since they are sold only on prescription, the services of which are often very expensive.


During the trip, the animal may feel sick or motion sick. To make the flight as comfortable as possible for a cat or dog, Shelyakov recommended the use of sedatives – they should be taken in advance.

Conditions of carriage

Each airline has its own rules for transporting animals. Some allow you to bring your pet on board, and sometimes you can even buy a separate seat for the animal. However, some airlines allow pets only in the baggage compartment.

“If only the luggage department is possible, then, first of all, it is necessary to prepare the cage: twist all the wheels, because otherwise it will definitely leave, strengthen the door. Do not think that the animal is weak and will not do anything with it – even cats kick the doors in a panic” , the veterinarian explained.

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