how to tan quickly and beautifully

A big mistake is to spend the whole day on the beach from morning to evening in the hope of quickly getting a tan. Doing so will only increase your risk of sunburn and damage your skin with too much UV light. If the vacation is short or there are few sunny days, this does not mean that you can say goodbye to the dream of an intense tan. There are easy ways to get what you want.

Use a scrub the day before

To tan quickly and evenly, the skin must be well prepared for sunbathing, writes Thosegraces. The easiest way is exfoliating procedures. You can, for example, use a body scrub the day before. Then the tan will “attach” faster.

Use tan accelerators

These are creams and lotions that contain ingredients that stimulate the production of melanin by skin cells. Thus, you can quickly get a spectacular bronze tan.

Do not sit on the beach in one place

Move, change body position, play sports. Thus, the tan will fall quickly and be more even.

Apply tanning oils to your skin

They will provide additional protection from the sun and accelerate the tan. In addition to ready-made oil-based cosmetics, for example, natural oils of avocado or carrot seeds have a small natural SPF. They can be applied in addition to sunscreen.

Choose the right time for sunbathing

You can quickly get a tan if you sunbathe in the morning and/or evening. At this time, the tan lies well, and the sun is not as active as during the day – the risk of burns is less. In addition, being on the beach for more than three hours in a row will not increase the tan, as many people think, but will only harm the skin.

A good tan has contraindications. The beautician explained what not to do before sunburn and what cosmetics are not recommended for those who plan to sunbathe.

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