Hungary urged to stop imposing sanctions and start negotiations with Russia Russian news EN

Adviser to Hungarian Prime Minister Orban says EU should start talks with Russia

European Union (EU) should stop imposing sanctions against Russia in connection with the special military operation in Ukraine and instead insist on a ceasefire and the start of negotiations. This call was made by the adviser to the Prime Minister of Hungary on political issues, Balazs Orban, in a conversation with Reuters.

In his opinion, otherwise Europe will be on the losing side due to economic problems. He explained that the more sanctions the EU takes, the more they harm the union itself, while Russia survives. “Yes, they are also bad, but they survive. And even worse, they continue the operation in Ukraine,” Orban said.

Previously, the European Union officially introduced the sixth package of anti-Russian sanctions. The main measure under the new sanctions package was a partial embargo on oil supplies from Russia. The ban will not include raw materials supplied through the Druzhba pipeline. It is planned that the refusal of oil will occur within six months, from oil products – within eight months.

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