Hungary warns EU against new sanctions against Russia

EU embargo on oil imports from Russia

The EU needs to stop trying to increase sanctions pressure on Russia and instead focus on a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine, as well as on the resumption of the negotiation process between Moscow and Kyiv. This opinion was expressed on Thursday, June 23, by adviser to the Prime Minister of Hungary, Balazs Orban.

The official warned in an interview with Reutersthat otherwise Europe “will be among the losers in this war” due to the economic problems that have arisen against the backdrop of sanctions.

The more sanctions the European Union imposes on Russia, the more they harm the integration association itself, warned in Budapest. At the same time, Russia’s restrictive measures “are also hurting, but it survives and, even worse, succeeds in Ukraine,” Balazs Orban said.

The EU has reached a point from which it is clearly visible that following the sanctions strategy for four months has brought some results, but if this continues, “everything will end badly for Europe,” the official stressed. With this in mind, the Hungarian authorities recommended that Brussels stop the sanctions process and “come up with something: negotiations, a truce, peace, diplomacy – this is our solution.”

In Budapest, it was noted earlier that during the approval of previous packages of anti-Russian sanctions, the European Union first accepted restrictions, and only then thought about the consequences. The Hungarian authorities were against thoughtless anti-Russian sanctionscomparing “economically unacceptable and unreasonable measures” with the action of the atomic bomb.

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