In a sore spot? Why does a cat actually trample on you?

Can cats love their owner?

Some are sure that cats are attached not to a person, but to the place where they are fed. Such a conclusion is initially incorrect, the expert says.

“Of course, cats, in a good sense of the word, are retrogrades. These are pets who like everything to be stable. As for whether cats are attached to people, yes, they are. It’s just that when compared with the same dogs, the manifestation of affection is expressed somewhat differently, ”explains the zoopsychologist.

For example, when a dog meets the owner, he jumps, wags his tail, rejoices that there is urine. Cats are a different story. When we return, the cat, most often, will simply come out, look, turn around and begin to sharpen its claws. And people are offended that the cat did not come up, did not hug and lick. But if we look through the eyes of a cat, we will understand that by turning her claws she just expresses joy.

Or here’s another example: when the owner comes home, the cat begins to rub sideways on his legs. This is also a good sign, because this is how the pet demonstrates its trust. The cat can show more emotions later, when the owner has already gone to bed. He will purr, do massage with his paws – these are also signs of attention.

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