In Bulgaria, they spoke about the economic hara-kiri of the United States

United States of America ban on the import of Russian energy resources provided a blow not only to themselves, but also Europe. Viktor Papazov writes about this in the Bulgarian newspaper Duma.

According to him, the administration of President Joe Biden made mistakes in such sanctions. The author of the article explained that the US extracts light oil, and local refineries (refineries) mix it with heavy oil. He noted that the main suppliers of such oil are Venezuela, Iran, Russia and Canada.

“Everyone knows very well what kind of “friendly relations” the United States has with Venezuela and Iran. Over the past two weeks, relations with Russia have also moved to a new “friendly level”. They have already reached a point where they have never been, ”Papazov emphasized.

The specialist assures that these restrictions can lead to a shortage of fuel and “help the Democrats fail miserably in the elections in the fall.”

He also added that there is a possibility of a US resolution of the deficit situation, but “rich and spoiled” Europe is doomed.

As the Public News Service wrote earlier, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Energy Igor Ananskikh stated that, hypothetically, European countries could refuse oil and coal from the Russian Federation and import them at exorbitant prices from other countries, but a complete rejection of Russian gas in this case is unlikely. He urged European states to think about what else the United States can do in the future, and who in this case will be harmed more – Russia or Europe.

Message In Bulgaria, they spoke about the economic hara-kiri of the United States first appeared on Public News Service.

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