In Mariupol, the movement of public transport and the work of hospitals have been established

The mayor of Mariupol said that hospitals and public transport have been established in the city

AT Mariupol improved public transport and hospitals. Mayor announced this Konstantin IvashchenkotransmitsTASS.

The mayor announced the release of 12 buses on the line, noting that public transport in Mariupol is still “catastrophically lacking.” According to him, currently there are seven routes in the city connecting the center with the outskirts. Ivashchenko added that after repair and maintenance, the number of vehicles could be increased to 22.

The head of the city also said that the work of four hospitals and medical institutions of the first stage was established in Mariupol. At the same time, he stressed that there is still a shortage of personnel in local healthcare institutions.

Formerly Ivashchenko declaredthat, according to preliminary estimates, the share of completely destroyed houses in Mariupol is about 15 percent. According to the mayor, the exact data will be known later.

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