In Russia, the number of thefts in stores has increased in three months Russian news EN

NTechLab analysts announced an increase in the number of thefts over the past three months in Russian stores

In February-April 2022, the number of thefts increased in Russian stores. This follows from the data of the developer of the NTechLab face recognition system collaborating with retailers, informs RBC.

Analysts analyzed the theft incidents over the past three months and compared them with statistics for the same period in 2021. Experts studied cases of theft not only in food retail, but also in stores with children’s goods, clothing, products for the home, garden and repair.

It turned out that for three months in one outlet, on average, about 130 thefts were recorded – this is 18 percent more than a year earlier. NTechLab experts noted that in grocery stores, attackers often steal goods immediately with a basket – the number of such offenses increased by 27 percent in a year.

In February-April 2022, attackers most often stole confectionery (19 percent of thefts), sausages (16 percent), alcohol (14 percent), cheeses (13 percent) and coffee with cocoa (7 percent).

In addition, experts noted a new “trend” – theft at self-service checkouts. The number of intruders who steal goods from stores in this way has increased by 34 percent, the company said.

Formerly Children’s Commissioner and Prominent Lawyer Pavel Astakhov declaredthat the number of stolen cars is growing in Russia – they are being dismantled for auto parts, the supply of which has decreased due to sanctions.

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