In Russia, they assessed the relationship of transportation costs with the rise in price of products Russian news EN

ASORPS member Vostrikov said that the increase in food prices in the Russian Federation is not associated with transportation costs

The increase in the price of products in Russia is not related to the cost of transportation, such an assessment was given by a member of the board of the Association of Food Sector Organizations (ASORPS) Anton Vostrikov, reports RIA News.

The expert noted that the rate for rail transportation of food products has not changed since the beginning of the year, so it did not affect the cost of transportation.

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“The rise in prices is connected with other factors. Moreover, the transport component takes about 10 percent of the final cost of the product,” Vostrikov explained.

He added that the routes on the railway within Russia have not changed, however, due to a decrease in the volume of imports through the ports Petersburg and Novorossiysk there is a reduction in the transportation of perishable products by rail and road.

The expert called the increase in the export of food products from Belarus in transit through Russia, as well as the growth in deliveries to Central Asia through the ports of the Far East, as the key trends in the rail transportation segment.

Earlier Russians called a new risk for rising food prices. In particular, logistics companies have warned that the cost of road transport will rise by a third in 2022.

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