In Russia, they proposed to introduce cheap sports subscriptions without the possibility of terminating the contract – ExpertRU

The head of the Association of Fitness Industry Operators Olga Kiseleva sent a letter to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Chernyshenko with a request to support the initiative to introduce cheap non-refundable subscriptions.

“We are asking for support for the initiative to introduce cheap non-refundable subscriptions for users of fitness services and contracts with monthly payment without the possibility of termination within a specified period. The implementation of this initiative will give impetus to an increase in the number of Russians who regularly engage in physical education, which will positively affect the physical health, quality and life expectancy of citizens, and will also provide an economic impetus to the development of a stable and profitable human-intensive and socially significant industry – the fitness industry, which saves jobs and replenishing the country’s budget with taxes, ”TASS quotes the appeal.

According to the head of the Association, a similar scheme was applied to support the hotel business and airlines. A positively proven tool can also help the development of the fitness industry, the letter says.

Kiseleva explained that the current legislation does not allow entering into contracts with monthly payment for visits to fitness centers, in which the client pays for a specified number of months without the right to terminate the contract at a significantly lower price. The head of the organization noted that this, among other things, “limits the possibilities for the dynamic development of the industry.”

“Such an approach to fulfilling the tasks of increasing the number of citizens systematically engaged in physical education and sports in the country no longer meets either the needs of consumers or the challenges of the time,” the letter emphasizes.

It is noted that as an alternative to a full-length expensive subscription with the possibility of a refund, the budget option without a refund option, which implies a non-cancellable contract, attracts much more customers, supports small and medium-sized businesses in the field of fitness and, as a result, allows you to replenish the state budget, in particular, at the expense of tax deductions.

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