In social networks ridiculed the reaction of Boris Johnson to the national anthem of Ukraine

Social media users are actively commenting on the video published by the Prime Minister . In the video, an English politician with a detached face listens to the anthem by an 11 year old girl. About it writes RIA News”.

Commentators have speculated that he is contemplating which sandwich to choose for lunch – “turkey or ham.” In addition, they felt that Johnson’s “bowel medication didn’t work.”

User Will Carpenter advised the politician to sing a song about “why our energy bills have doubled.”

In addition, netizens recommended that Johnson, instead of “dreaming about a piece of cheese from the refrigerator and, more importantly, about a bottle of claret to wash it down,” show the qualities of an English gentleman, as well as “comb your hair and button up your jacket” .

Commentators also reminded the British Prime Minister of the constant parties on Downing Street during the lockdown.

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