In St. Petersburg, unknown people left a dog to die, burying it alive under the slabs – Incidents – News of Saint-Petersburg

The story of the monstrous human heartlessness was told on May 15 by employees of the Koshkispas animal rescue service. The day before, they had to pull out an exhausted dog, which the owners left to die under the stoves, wrapped in rags.

“After hundreds of trips, you are often not surprised by anything in terms of places where animals somehow end up. The only thing that never ceases to amaze is human indifference and cruelty towards those who cannot independently protect themselves and their lives. I also have such a story, ”Andrey Fedorov began the story.

Specialists received an application about a dog that had fallen between the plates. The children accidentally found her and told their parents. They went to the rescuers.

“Children, walking along the river bank, accidentally looked into the opening of the plates. They probably expected to see anything but a half-dead dog wrapped in a pillowcase and cynically stuffed by someone into a narrow opening between the plates. The calculation of the freaks was almost correct – a deaf place next to a closed gas station. People practically don’t go there,” Andrey noted.

The opening was expanded using hydraulics. An old dog, immobilized and dehydrated, was taken to the surface. She was wrapped in construction and rag bags, and then also in a pillowcase. She could not stand, she immediately fell on her side. But then came the news that they were ready to take care of the dog. Now she is in the clinic.

“She has terrible bedsores, exhaustion and dehydration. The condition is stable. Doctors are fighting for her life,” Andrey Fedorov said.

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