In the UK, two more people became infected with monkeypox Russian news EN

Two more human cases of monkeypox confirmed in UK

The UK Health Agency (UKHSA) has recorded two more cases of human infection with monkeypox. Patients live together in the same house. On Saturday, May 14, reports RIA News.

About the first patients reported May 7th According to Reuters, the first patient was identified in Cornwall, and the second in Liverpool.

According to the British agency, the new cases are not related to the previous one. Where and how people became infected remains the subject of an investigation. One of the smallpox-infected monkey patients is now receiving medical care in the Department of Infectious Diseases at one of the medical facilities in London, and the second is isolated and does not currently require inpatient treatment.

Earlier in a conversation with, Doctor of Medical Sciences, a specialist in especially dangerous infections, an immunologist Vladislav Zhemchugov declaredthat the spread of monkeypox to the human population after the infection of two UK residents with the disease is unlikely.

In his opinion, there are certain deterrent factors that do not allow the infection to spread widely.

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