Information about persistent violators of traffic rules will be made publicly available

Database of persistent traffic offenders
© Andrey Lyubimov/Moskva Agency

The Ministry of Internal Affairs announces the launch of the Traffic Police Data Showcase project. As a result, data on persistent traffic offenders will become publicly available on July 1.

Order on the commissioning of an online database with information about all persistent violators of traffic rules published on the state portal of legal information.

“To put into operation from July 1, 2022, as part of the FIS GIBDD-M, the subsystems “Operational data sampling”, “Supervision of the traffic police” and “State traffic police data mart,” the document says.

“Data mart” will allow you to check the law-abidingness of drivers, whether they have fines and debts on them. In addition, the new portal will contain information about the deprivation of the right to drive the vehicle. The database will allow you to find information not only about citizens of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Internal Affairs promises to make publicly available data on foreign drivers who are seen in violation of traffic rules in Russia.

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