INM secures 116 migrants traveling in a truck in Puebla

authorities of the National Institute of Migration (INM) located 116 migrants from Cuba, NicaraguaThe savior, Honduras, Venezuela Y Panamawhen they were traveling on board a truck in the state of Puebla.

Derived from the rescue, the agents of migration They also managed to secure the truck driver and his companion, who were made available to the authorities.

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According to the information, the truck was stopped on the International Highway oaxacaIzucar of Matamoroswhere the Federal Agents of Migration They carried out inspection work.

Upon noticing a torton-type truck covered with a blue tarpaulin, the agents proceeded to carry out the inspection, where nine minors were located accompanied by their family member or guardian, as well as 73 men and 34 adult women, of whom it was identified that 91 people are from Cuba16 of Nicaraguafour of the saviorthree of Honduras and one of Venezuela Y Panama.

Later, he reported the INMpeople were channeled to the facilities migratory to continue with the administrative process, as well as to provide Water and food.

This is the fifth find of migrants in just one week by the authorities of the National Institute of Migration. On July 28, immigration personnel reported seizures in Chiapas, Veracruz Y Juarez City (two), where, altogether, more than 300 people in a situation of mobility were located.

Of these operations, those carried out in the border city of chihuahua. One for the location of 90 migrants inside a safe house and another for the detention of a woman dedicated to the crime of trafficking in persons, who had against her own will 19 mens Y women for forced labour.

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